The Passion Behind Solminer Wines With David Delaski

April 7, 2017


David Delaski has always been a unique and creative person, but passion is the essence of his personality that is infused into his winemaking for Solminer Wines. Passion leads to everything. It’s not just passion for great wine but for the whole of his life, and all his endeavors.

“Creative pursuits always called me. Wine is definitely one of those pursuits where you can be really creative.”

In 2009 David met his wife Anna, who had just moved to Los Angeles from Austria. The pair spent some time exploring wine regions of the world, including Anna’s home country of Austria. It was at that point in their lives they looked at each other and decided they wanted to pursue something in the wine industry. With the passion found while exploring wine regions, they “threw caution to the wind” and created Solminer.

Sol for sun and miner, to impart the idea of mining the sun, harvesting the bounty of things from the soil.

The couple found a farmhouse in Los Olivos which had 3 acres of Syrah planted. After much work, they had done it! Anna and David’s dream was now a reality. They are doing something so unique for Los Olivos, and California– they have taken from Anna’s heritage by planting two of Austria’s most famous grapes, Grüner Veltliner and Blaufränkisch.  The vineyard now called DeLanda (a combination of their names, Delaski, Anna, and David) is 100% organically farmed, to protect their family and neighbors from harsh chemicals. In addition to grapes, the property has animals, including sheep, chickens, and donkeys! It’s a passion looking at the farm as a whole system. They are in the process of undergoing their certification for being a biodynamic winery.

 “When you are standing out in the vineyard it gives you a moment of self-reflection.”

David goes to the vineyard to describe his winemaking process, “Start with well farmed organic grapes and do minimal interventions.” Their goal is to get the purest expression of the site as possible. Spending most of the time on farming and less time doing things to the wine during the winemaking process. The wines are created purely from the DeLanda vineyard, and really speak what the terroir and property are about, exploring.

We invite you to experience the finesse and elegance of Solminer Wines. Purchase Solminer Wines for 20% off during the month of April (online and in our wine merchant). Mix and Match– this is a great way to experience these beautifully unique wines!

2015 Gruner Veltliner has a wonderful bouquet which includes white pepper and green apples. Pear, apricot, and lime zest fill your mouth with each sip. A spicy citrus and beautiful acidity lingers on the finish. The freshness of this wine pairs seamlessly with the Fennel Apple Salad.

2014 Blaufränkisch is very distinct to Austria, and Solminer is the only producer of it in Santa Barbara County! Blau means blue, and this wine stays true to that name, exuding blue fruits such as blueberries, plum, and lavender. pomegranates, allspice and tightly nit tannin structure simultaneously take on elegant floral notes with a bright finish. The nice acid and fruit character goes great with the Mushroom Ravioli.

This wine is an elegant estate Syrah with 3% Blaufränkisch co-fermented into it. Vollmond means full moon. A bright and lively Syrah with a wonderful huckleberry aroma. A little smokey yet restrained with blueberry, bright red cherries, and a gentle mouthfeel. Pairs well with Lamb Shank.

Meet Anna and David in person as they pour their wines for guests on the Final Friday of the April, April 28th from 5:30-6:30 at bar at the Wine Merchant. Cost is $25 (includes small delicious bites). No reservation necessary.